Recipes: Apple Cinnamon Dessert Chimichangas

The dish that I’m serving up in the Cocina today almost didn’t get made at all.  I originally signed up to make a different dish this week.  I found an amazing recipe, cooked it up, and I hated it.  Let’s just say it left something to be desired.  Okay, frankly, it sucked.  (‘Scuse my French)  I was SO sad when I had to toss the whole thing in the trash.

I ended up making a HUGE batch of delicious apple pie filling with my apples (you can find the original recipe for the apple pie filling I made on Baker Bettie) and had nothing to do with it.

What could I make with apple pie filling?

Dessert chimichangas, that’s what.  Sometimes, even I am surprised by my genius.

A chimichanga is a fried burrito.  Basically, this is a fried apple pie burrito.

I’m going to give you a moment to let that sink in…

Gotta Try this one, but make your own Filling & Tortillas, Be brave 🙂



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