Bahrain: 30 days in jail for one tweet

A Bahraini protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask used by the Anonymous movement takes part in a demonstration against the government and in solidarity with jailed freelance photographer Ahmed Humaidan in the village of Karranah, west of Manama, on March 1, 2013. Humaidan was arrested during a rally on December 29, 2012 and was charged with ‘demonstrating illegally’ and ‘using violence to assault police and damage public properties’. (Mohammed al-Shaikh/AFP/Getty Images)

MANAMA, Bahrain — Human rights activist Sayed Yousif al-Muhafdha had no idea who followed him on Twitter. That is, until he was arrested one afternoon.

As the acting head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Yousif — as he’s known to friends — regularly witnesses demonstrations in Bahrain and documents actions by protesters and police.

Demonstrations are illegal here. The government has arrested Shia Muslim leaders. Thirteen have been sentenced to long jail terms for advocating democratic reform. Others had their citizenship revoked, making it almost impossible to find work…..

Imagine, being thrown in Jail for having apposing views.

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