The Growing Face of Modern Hunger in America

Originally published on Cooking Up a Story in April of 2009. Their numbers are well documented on government statistics, and survey results. Their highest counts are located in the following 10 States: Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Maine, South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri*. There are 36.2 million of them; 12.4 million are children. For the most part, this group does not comprise the mentally ill, criminals, or those we may criticize as being lazy or stupid; indeed, many are of the working poor. They are like you and I perhaps, except for one thing: they live just above (or below) the poverty line, and they must struggle at times to obtain food to eat. They are the silent citizens of the food insecure nation: America.

Cooking Up a Story-Bringing the people behind our food to life

How can the American government Justify purchasing new Weapons Of War, when the status of the country is so.

America’s Priorities went to the Corporations and Fat Cats. A sad day in America when teachers are forced to look for handouts.


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