FAA grants Arlington Police Department permission to fly UAVs

Two Leptron Avenger UAVs will be used by the Arlington PD from April 2013

The police department in Arlington can now use new tools in support of public safety over the Texas urban community – two small helicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted permission for the Arlington police to fly these unmanned aircraft under certain circumstances: they must fly under 400 feet, only in the daytime, be in sight of the operator and a safety observer, and be in contact with the control tower at the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth airport – one of the busiest in the country…..


This is a step closer for drones to be used for Traffic Tickets, Backyard Spying, & Armed Drones.

The Police are so Lazy & Fat today, they cant Field themselves. What ever happen to good honest Police work.?

Imagine having your BBQ and one of these fly over your yard.

They want to make sure that smoke is only coming from a grill 😉

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