U.K. police hope to sniff out pot growers with marijuana-scented cards

Thousand of houses in the United Kingdom are being sent marijuana-scented “scratch and sniff” cards in a new bid to track down marijuana growers.

In a press release, the charity group Crimestoppers explained the cards were designed to educate residents about the smell of marijuana. They hope once people can recognize the smell of cannabis plants, they will be able to help law enforcement officials identify illegal growing operations…..


This is just like times of the Gestapo, when the government encouraged spying on your neighbors. Fear Mongering & Privacy Invasion, that is all this is.

Let me guess the Police can search your home just because they were “Tipped” with reasonable suspicion? From the old nosy lady down the street?

If the UK wants to arrest criminal, start with Blare & CEOs at BBC & HBC.


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