Raw Cocao Vs, Commercial Chocolate?

The average person consumes almost 11 pounds of chocolate annually. Men aged twelve to nineteen consume the most quantity of chocolate. Girls aged thirty to 39 are the following biggest group of chocolate consumers.raw cacao chocolate juliette lewis The real cacao tree is a little and beautiful evergreen tree, growing in South America and the West Indies, from twelve to twenty-five feet high, and branching at the top ; when cultivated it isn’t permitted to grow so high. The stem is erect, straight, 4 to six feet high ; the wood light and white ; the bark thin, rather smooth, and brownish. The seeds are countless, compressed, one in. long, reddish-brown outwardly, dark-brown internally, and imbedded in a whitish, sweetish, buttery pulp. This tree was at length cultivated in Mexico, Central and South America for several years, indeed long before the discovery of America, and at one point formed the currency of the locals, who made a gigantic consumption of it in numerous ways.

At present it is mainly cultivated in Brazil, Costa Rica, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, the island of Trinidad, and other West Indies Islands ; also in Africa, Ceylon, Samoa, and other bits of the world. For some folks, the attraction of chocolate can be overwhelming. Cocoa contains certain chemicals and sensory properties which make the product terribly appealing.
Cocoa contains theobromine ( a chemical related to caffeine ).

The sugar in chocolate releases serotonin ( a brain chemical related to a positive sense of contentment ). The smooth, rich taste of chocolate ( and often the fillings ) provides sensory pleasure to the taste receptors. Additionally, many folks use chocolate as a reward and learn to link the product with positive self confidence. Despite its physical properties, chocolate isn’t a physically addictive food.

Azerbaijan, Baku
Augusta, Georgia
Estonia, Tallin
Carrollton, Texas
Bulgaria, Sofia
City of Lithgow, Australia
Belarus, Minsk
Savannah, Georgia
Nicaragua, Managua
City of Maitland, Australia


Cocoa & most Nuts, Vegetables, & Fruits should be eating raw or little to no cooking. Nature made it best.


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