World’s Smartest Dog Jesse performs Amazing Dog Tricks “Walking Hand Stand Dog”

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The original “World’s Smartest Dog” Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier!! =o)
Jesse proves that Jack Russell Terriers can do it all! There is nothing that this little guy can’t do ;o)
Jesse the Walking hand stand dog! Prepare to be amazed by my best friend, and Heart dog Jesse =o) From skateboarding, and blowing bubbles under water, to walking hand stands, and double dutch; there’s nothing this little guy can’t do! Jesse loves making people smile, and we hope you enjoy watching Jesse doing one of the many things that he loves; entertaining =o)
***NO part of the video has been sped up, slowed down, or reversed. Jesse is really performing every single trick in this video, including walkin backwards; no “special effects”.***

Jesse is trained using exclusively Positive Reinforcement and Relationship-based training. All training has been done by me, and we love learning together as a team.

Jesse chooses to do the behaviors in this video, and has so much fun bringing smiles to people’s faces. He gets treats for doing his tricks, and enjoys learning new things. Tricks are just one of the activities we enjoy doing together. When not doing tricks, Jesse can be found playing with his cuz ball, chasing squeaker tennis balls, digging in search for lizards, de-fluffing stuffed toys, swimming, and accompanioning me on outings. Jesse loves adventure, and lives each and every day to its fullest. Jesse is my best friend, heart dog, and truly a member of the family, and I love him with every beat of my heart.

~Heather and Jesse~

Special Thanks to Josh Woodward for the use of the song
“Waiting Takes Time” (my favorite Josh Woodward song) =o)
Check out more of his amazing music by visiting the links below:

This is a Perfect example of Animals & Humans Living in Sync & Harmony.

The world must not only Respect the Animal Kingdom, but actually Communicate with it. Do not be surprised when you get a response 😉


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