Mother who went to court in failed bid to stop brain tumour son having radiotherapy says he is a shadow of himself after 30 sessions

  • Sally Roberts, 37, lost high-profile case last year to stop the treatment
  • Said he’s now ‘grey’, ‘fragile’, ‘barely eats’ and ‘cries over small things’
  • New Zealand-born mother insists Neon’s ‘not the boy I know any more’

‘I look into my little boy’s eyes and there’s nothing there,’ she told the Sunday Mirror. ‘I see this child who was always laughing and happy sitting with his little head in his hands crying…..

She will not be able to Live with child till after all the treatments the governments want to do is over. This child is now a governmental Lab Rat.
Radiation Therapy is a Money Making slow & Painful Death Sentence. Research in alternative treatment. Cancer is treatable with Natural & Healthy methods.

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