Survival Tips: 550 Paracord Friction Saw

Whenever I demo the friction saw, there is always at least one person who has never seen it before. In past classes, I’ve doubled up and tripled up paracord to cut through and without fail it burns right through. To demonstrate the capability of the paracord friction saw, I decided to make this quick video.

In the video, I cut through a single piece of paracord, a 1″ tubular length of climbing webbing (max load approx. 4000lbs.) and a length of 2″ tubular webbing (max load approx. 7000lbs.) In less than 10 seconds each, the paracord is able to burn through each piece.

This saw has various applications and as long as you have swapped out your boot laces for 550 cord or have a hank available, you have a means to cut through tape, rigging and other lines. Hope this helps!

Know how to use the equipment around you. Each tool can have multiple uses.



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