Belgium “Skyguards” Will Petition Parliament to Force Action on Chemtrails

Chemtrails are Real & Poison. Demand the Truth!

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

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peter_vereecke-mugThe Belfort Group hosted a ground-breaking symposium in 2010 where the CASE ORANGE REPORT was the central investigative document that confirmed aerosol spraying is not an internet rumor.  The searchable portion of the document can be  downloaded here as aPDF file

The Belfort Group website contains a review of the forum(-)    A second post in English is here.

Skyguards: Platform of European citizens alarms the European Parliament about the dangers of GEOENGINEERING
By Peter Vereecke – April 11, 2013
Dear Members,
On 8 and 9 April, some 150 European citizens together in the European Parliament in Brussels in order to express their concerns in relation to the phenomenon known as GEOENGINEERING. They came from almost all European countries to Serbia, Ukraine and Cyprus are to confirm the creation of Skyguards, a collaboration platform for both individual citizens and civic associations.

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