Police Brutality: San Diego Police Harassment

Eating M&M’s after work, out in front of my store. A cop(officer Jeff Dunn) drives up asking for my ID, i telll him there’s no reason for the stop. He proceeds to grab me as i say i don’t summit to any search or seizure, he then slams me against the cop car and to the ground, enough force to knock off my shoes. then my friend yells this isnt right, you cant search him. then the cop pulls a gun out across my head towards my friend. i get harassed every night after work. Cop goes straight to lethal on 3 kids eating M&Ms

NO, NO, & NO!

No matter what, there was no reason for these Kids to be arrested, nor did that officer need to Point his Gun at these Kids, & he never spoke calmly to them an explained why is requesting ID.

The police do not have the right to use force first, then ask questions later.

That is how an innocent Teen can get killed!

This is Bullshit! What if this was your Child? Would you want your Countries Police Officers Pointing a Gun at him for this? What is going on America!?


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