Fluoride: Is Your Toothpaste Making You Stupid?

The powers in charge of culling the world’s population have built-in a system of control that stems far enough back into the past of America’s social consciousness that poisoning ourselves on a daily basis has become part of the hygienic habits embraced by toothpaste using consumers worldwide. This system of influence has conditioned the human animal to engage in the daily rituals of dental hygiene which has become the mechanism for medicating the minds of the masses. Consuming massive quantities of the developmental neurotoxin known as toothpaste has turned a society of cavity conscientious citizens into a herd of shinny teethed imbeciles oblivious to the consequences of their pearly whites.
The Fluoride that is added to drinking water and toothpaste has been lowering children’s IQ levels if consumed in quantities of 2 parts per million or greater. The most popular toothpaste brands on the market have a fluoride concentration level of 1,000 to 1,500 parts per million. Maybe this is why toothpaste has a poison control label warning that if the product is swallowed you should seek medical assistance. Although toothpaste is not designed to be eaten we have all witnessed children and teens consuming it as though it were candy. Sublingual administration of medication is when you keep a liquid under your tongue and your body absorbs it through the sublingual veins into the bloodstream. Is this why we are told to brush our twice daily for 3 minutes at a time to get a full dose of the neurotoxic agent called fluoride?
The {EPA} Environmental Pollution Agency have set safety level of fluoride in drinking water at 2-4 parts per million which include most all bottled waters. The {HHS} Health and Human Services readjusted those numbers lowering the level of fluoride in drinking water to .7 parts per million. In the past 5 years there have been over 35 studies concluding that fluoride in levels as low as 2 parts per million can result in developmental disabilities as reflected in the lowering of children’s IQ’s. The {CDC} Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation states that fluoride varnish comes in concentration as high as 22,600 parts per million but fail to mention the adverse effects this level of fluoride has on the brain.
Fluoride is being used to sedate the mental hygiene of the average American into a state of complacency leading us to a nation of slaves willing to except the oppressive powers slow push towards totalitarianism. To think something as innocuous as brushing your teeth can lead to neurological disorders only exemplifies the elitist disregard and utter contempt for human life. The eugenics program has moved from the physical sterilization of the unfit to the mental castration of millions. Generations from now will wake to a world of mindless automatons who lack the ability to reason but have an amazing smile.

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