Why Newzaholic.com has Not reported the Boston Explosions

There is multiple Reasons why Newzaholic.com has not Reported the Boston Explosions.

1 There are no Facts, the only thing the Mainstream Media is Reporting is Drama. There is No new information, So there is just a Constant Loop of Sound Bites, Pictures, & Videos of Injured, the Blast, & Police running around everywhere.

That is not Reporting, only Ratings Grabbing.

2 The Media wont talk about the Loss of Civil Liberties after this incident, Including Random Checks & Searches. (Did who ever do this win already?) Is infringement on Rights worth it?

Random Searches On Boston Trains

3 The Same Day more then 30 People Killed & at least 150 injured by Explosions in Iraq!

How Much News Coverage is Iraq receiving? Are Lives more Precious in other lands? Have the West forgot about the mess it has created throughout the Middle East?

Many dead in serial blasts in Iraq


Additional Note: Life is Sacred everywhere! It is sad when Love One’s are lost. We Pray the Injured recover quickly & this World Wide Death & Mayhem comes to an end. Humanity has to find a way to Live in Peace! There is no other option.

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