Homestead: Food Storage Dog Food Recipe

Dry Dog Food Recipe
3 cups flour
3 cups oats or cooked rice
1 cup powdered milk
8 TBL powdered eggs
¼ cup olive oil
2-2 1/2 cups water
Combine dry ingredients. Combine wet ingredients. Mix wet into dry. Dough should be moist and spreadable. Spread onto greased 9X13 baking sheet with edge. Cook at 200F for 1 hour or 350F for 40 minutes. Let cool.
2810kcal: 90 g fat, 102 g protein, 396 g carbohydrates (ratio: 15:17:67)
For optimal nutrition with homemade food, feed 2 lb food per day per 100lb dog weight. If dog weighs 25lb, feed 8-12 ounces. If dog weighs 10 lb, feed 5-7 ounces.
Just like humans, eating this kind of pantry staple diet for long term will result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Consider adding these ingredients:
Calcium- 1000mg per 1lb of dog food- can supply as animal bones, ground eggshell (1/2 tsp), or tablets (NO Vitamin D) (crushed)
Brewer’s yeast: 1-2 TBL per 1lb of dog food- supplies B vitamins and as a powder stores well.
Vitamin E: 200IU of E per week (store as capsules-squeeze contents onto food)
Vitamin C: 500mg tab daily (crushed)
Vegetables and fruits: from stores can add any of these to doggie’s bowl: Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, green beans, peas, apples. These add minimal calories but great flavor and vitamins.
Meat: Dogs can actually live on protein and fat- the carbohydrates serve to give the dog a sense of fullness. Meat is protein and fat. 4-8 ounces per day added to diet will be greatly appreciated by doggie if he needs to perform a duty for you. Consider peanut butter or cheese (store bought or dehydrated for long term) as an economical alternative.

Plan for your Pets as well your Family. Then your Pets wont be eating into People Food Supplies.


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