Teleprompter Reader VS Journalist: CNN’s Erin Burnett is a Joke

Luke Rudkowski asks CNN’s Erin Burnett about the recent Boston bombing and the reports from people saying they were told by authorities about a bombing drill at the marathon. Luke also asked her about CNN’s lack of reporting on the the NDAA and the recent Congressional Committee that has ruled that George W. Bush and Barack Obama are guilty of war crimes.

MSM WARNING! People Who Hate Wars For Profit Are Potential Terrorist!

Another example of Peace Loving People or Anti War can be considered Dangerous & a Enemy of State.

This Erin Burnett is such a phoney, she cant even deny it. She actually admitted, that she needs to ask on “What” can she “Report”! She’s just another Puppet with a fist way Deep, directed to read off the Teleprompter.

But who watches CNN anyway? LOL   🙂



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