Tate & Lyle – EU Sugar supplier Accused over Child Labour

Thai firm KSL Group accused, along with Cambodian government, of land grabs, forced evictions, arson and theft

The British sugar giant Tate & Lyle has imported large volumes of sugar from Cambodia through a supplier that is accused of using child labour and being complicit in expropriating land and inflicting violence on local people.

Tate & Lyle – which is the EU’s largest cane sugar producer and whose ingredients are used in a wide range of foods around the world – , has used the Thai KSL Group since 2011 for its supplies from Cambodia. However, KSL is alleged to have been complicit, along with the Cambodian government, in the eviction of people from their land, arson and theft….

Business Tate and Lyle Tate & Lyle sugar supplier accused over child labour

 If your Sugar taste a bit Bitter you will now know why. Children sweat for your Lumps. Luxury comes at a cost, but sometimes it is not you that has to pay.


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