Time Magazine Covers Explain Why Americans Know Nothing About The World

It’s not news that Time magazine uses different covers for its different regional editions, but it’s only when you gather them all together — so you can see what Europe and Asia read in Time compared to what Americans read in Time — that it becomes clear how insular the U.S. edition of Time is.

If you live abroad, the current edition of Time features a dramatic picture of an Arab rebel wearing a gas mask under the headline “Revolution Redux.” In America, we got “Why anxiety is good for you”:…..

Americans should not expect News & Facts to be brought to them by Mainstream Media. It is Mainstreams Media’s responsibility to keep Americans Ignorant, & oblivious of the World & their surroundings. 
So, therefore it is the Responsibility of every American to inform themselves & seek out independent news. Know the facts, for only then the People can have an informed Opinion.


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