Fluoride – Public Enemy Poison #1

Fluoridation Of City Water


Municipal water treatment plants have commonly added fluoride to the water since the 1950s. Gradually most U.S. cities were persuaded by authorities to follow suit, although a few cities have now removed it from their water by popular vote of a better educated public.

Fluoride is a common constituent of many mineral compounds. Small amounts of organic fluorine are present in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. However, substantial amounts of fluoride are toxic to biological organisms.

Fluoride is generated as a waste byproduct from the manufacture of glass, steel, aluminum and phosphate fertilizer. In the 1930s and ’40s, some manufacturers were accumulating fluoride. The growing stockpile of this waste was contaminating local water, harming livestock and crops near aluminum and fertilizer plants….

Fluoride – Public Enemy Poison #1

Stop the use of Fluoride products & never drink it. Educate yourself with the facts, then spread the truth to your love one’s & Friends.


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