America’s police are looking more and more like the Military

A Defense Department program transfers military-grade weapons and vehicles to local law enforcement. It’s the last thing we need

America’s streets are looking more and more like a war zone. Last week, in a small county in upstate New York with a population of roughly 120,000 people, county legislators approved the receipt of a 20-ton Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, donated by the US Defense Department to the county sheriff.

Between the Armored Personnel Carriers locking down main streets in major American cities – mimicking our MRAPs in Afghanistan – or Special Weapons and Tactics (Swat) and Special Forces units canvassing our country, if we’re not careful, this militarization of our domestic policing will make-over America, and fast.

Here’s how it all happened. A little-known Pentagon program has been quietly militarizing American police forces for years. A total of $4.2bn worth of equipment has been distributed by the Defense Department to municipal law enforcement agencies, with a record $546m in 2012 alone….

America’s police are looking more and more like the military

Police now incite Fear, Shoot first ask questions later, & trust is out the window.

They have forgotten to Serve & Protect. The first duty of any Law Enforcement .

It should be mandatory for police to take Constitutional Law & Bill of Rights Class. They must understand & know the Laws they are suppose to uphold. Only then they can be called “Law Enforcement”.



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