US small towns buy heavily armored MRAP

The streets of America’s cities are increasingly looking like war zones, a post-9/11 development that some blame for last week’s D.C. shooting of a distraught, unarmed woman. But that same culture of fear is now playing out in small towns and rural areas as well.

Last week, Watertown, N.Y. – home to the country’s oldest continually operating county fair and the smallest city to have a park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted – became the newest owner of the 20-ton, $600,000, heavily armored, insurgent-repelling Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, or MRAP, designed for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now winding down, leaving a gluttonous trail of some $4.2 billion in underused military hardware in their wake.

Jefferson County officials voted to accept the MRAP, with its bulletproof glass and gunner turret, despite critics’ arguments citing its impracticality – at 25 feet long it gets 3 mph, has a top speed of 65 and has the turning capacity of “a derelict coal barge” in an area with almost no violent crime that boasts of its “small town appeal.”….

US small towns buy heavily armored MRAP

The Militarization of the Police, is a Clear show of the things to come.

When you wake up with a RFID tag in your skin, Motion bar in your Living room, use a Retina Scanner to clock into work, & there’s a Camera at Every Corner; IT IS TO LATE

Wake Up People!

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