Why is NATO stalking our schoolchildren?

Tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) computer chips with the needles used to implant them under the skin (Reuters)

Technocracy is slowly replacing Democracy in the West. In debt crippled countries, such as Italy, Greece and Spain, no politician dares press the default reset button, so the Anaconda debt is delivering slow inexorable death.

Because our political representatives lack the spine to bite that bullet, elections have become a charade. Financial markets, the shadowy Gnomes of Zurich, have begun choosing our political leaders.

But these Goldman Sachs friendly, loan shark, technocrats are only one arm of an octopus that is emerging as the real power in the Western world. Lesser known are the companies that own valuable patents and, like conjurers, roll out dazzling new scientific gadgets. This is the technology which, in public hands, should now be liberating us all from drudgery and freeing up our leisure time, but in private hands it is doing precisely the opposite…..

Why is NATO stalking our schoolchildren?

Parents need to be aware & raise alarm when they find their children being exposed to inappropriate or unnecessary surveillance of any type. Be it at the doctors office or the class room.

The People have the right to go about their Daily Lives without the fear of some “Shadow Government” watching their every step, mouse click, and message they’ve sent.


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