Cranberries Stop Bacteria In Their Tracks

(ISNS) – For over a century cranberries have been more than a Thanksgiving staple; they’ve also been heralded for their reported ability to prevent and even treat urinary tract infections.

But clinical research attempting to link cranberry consumption to a reduction in urinary tract infections remains somewhat inconsistent. A 2012 study by a team from Taiwan and the U.S., published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that consuming cranberries did seem to prevent urinary tract infections in certain populations, but qualified the findings with a strong word of caution against using the “folk remedy” as a treatment.

Most research on the cranberry’s effect on infections focuses primarily on its ability to prevent bacteria from attaching to a host cell. If the bacteria can’t stick to bladder cells, they can’t cause infections. But, in recent years, researchers at McGill University in Montreal have uncovered a new weapon that cranberries have against bacteria…

Cranberries Stop Bacteria In Their Tracks

So buy your fresh Cranberries next time you hit the market 🙂


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