Transferring a Printed Image to Wood

A great DIY Present you can use for Valentines Day, or Bdays coming up 😉


Design Waffle

Today I’m going to show you how Travis and I transferred an inkjet printed design to a wooden sign for my sister and brother-in-law’s new home (yay to being first time homeowners!)

Skipping ahead to the end result… this is how the sign turned out (I’d say better than expected for a first-timer.)

diy transfer image to wood

The sign we made was 13″ x 32″ so the supplies below reflect those dimensions.


  • (2) 1″ x 4″ x 6′
  • antique glaze
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes (household and artist)
  • sandpaper
  • wood glue
  • tools/metal objects for distressing sign (screws, hammer, old hinge, wrench)
  • chop saw
  • pneumatic stapler and 1.25″ staples
  • drill and 1.25″ screws
  • parchment paper or wax paper
  • old credit card
  • scissors
  • inkjet printer
  • spray clear coat

Building the Wooden Sign

We started by cutting the wood into 13″ lengths. I knew I was after a distressed look so we positioned them in an uneven fashion with…

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