How a Coyote Suffered Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

Update March 25, 2014 2:45 p.m. EDT: A spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has confirmed to Mother Jones that the department’s permit and law enforcment divisions are looking into the coyote episode detailed in our below report. The probe comes in addition to those ongoing by the US Department of Agriculture and Texas authorities.

Mother Jones has uncovered photographic evidence of mistreatment and neglect of animals behind the scenes of Animal Planet’s hit reality show Call of the Wildman, a pattern first exposed in our seven-month investigation published on January 21. Additional documents we obtained also raise questions about whether the show operated in violation of Kentucky wildlife regulations. The latest revelations include:

  • A photo obtained by Mother Jones from a person who worked on the production shows a coyote that was captured at the request of producers and held in a cramped trap for an unknown period of time prior to filming on location in Kentucky, according to the person who provided the photo. By the time of the shoot, according to two people who worked on the production, the coyote was “sick and unresponsive” and had to be replaced……

How a Coyote Suffered Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet

Remember that Animal Planet only cares about Profit, and not about the actual animals.


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