DIY Natural (No BS) Body Butter

A great DIY, that will leave your skin thanking you.


MOMACEUTICALSAwhile back, I mentioned that I make my own body butter after reading up on all the chemicals that are in most store bought products and since then I’ve had several requests to share my recipe. Well, todays the day I’ll pass it along to you. I call this my “NO BS BODYCARE” because it doesn’t contain any  …..bad stuff.;)

Knowledge is power as they say and after I realized all the junk they put in beauty products, I decided to just start making my own. I wondered if I could really make products that were anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, provide great moisture & smell great...the verdict, yes it’s possible with just a few, simple ingredients.  I found some basic recipes, researched the individual ingredients & then tweaked them to suit my needs and this is my version. If you want to know more about the benefits, I list…

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