A message from Anonymous to Chicago Police

A message from Anonymous to Chicago Police #OPGitmo2Chicago

Activists Swarm Homan Square, Demand Probe of Chicago’s Police “Black Site”

Organized by Anonymous, Occupy, and
Black Lives Matter, as well as a number of other groups, the ‘Shut Down
Homan Square’ protest gathered around 200 people outside the detention
facility in the city’s West Side.
Braving Saturday’s below-zero temperatures, the activists held banners and chanted slogans such as“Shut it down” and “Freedom first,” as well as “Indict, convict, send the torturers to jail.” They demanded a probe and changes at the facility after a report in the Guardian claimed it is used by Chicago police as a “secret interrogation facility.”

image: http://rt.com/files/news/39/c0/50/00/gc1.jpg

Olson/Getty Images/AFP “Hopefully with the presence we expect to have,
that will put a little bit of pressure to say, ‘Hey, look – this isn’t
going to go away,’” said Travis McDermott, one of the organizers of the
protest, as quoted by the Guardian.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=051_1425244931#fPhrLbPJyGWHWJCJ.99


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