How the Malaysian MH17 “Boeing” was shot down

I’d like to note that framing this article as “more evidence from the Russians”, e.g., using rhetoric like “Russians themselves” that can be viewed by some readers as implicitly framing this particular article as “yet another attempt by the Russians to come up with an excuse” is not going to help us figure out what really happened. Lets not lump things together and lets consider separate things separately.This article has nothing to do with the press-conference given by the Russian ministry of defense on this topic. The article doesn’t use any of the radar evidence presented there. In fact, the article doesn’t use any evidence associated with MH17 other than the photographs from the crash site.

I subscribe to the version where the airplane was shot down by the Ukrainian SU-25 attack jet, I simply cannot refrain from publishing a new investigation, which summarizes the arguments on this topic….

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