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Militarized Police creates war zone environment in America

Watch as they use High-tech Sonic Blast Cannons. Effects include: nausea, vomiting, vertigo, disorientation and pain to ears and head.

The United States is Not under Marshal Law and there is no threat that requires boots on the ground. This is all just a conditioning of the public. Letting the people know what will come if they Resist.

It is They, that have no idea.


2nd top military man calls for millions to march on D.C.

Truckers rallied in Washington to restore America to its constitutional republic foundations. So did veterans. And bikers. They all assembled and then departed, leaving the Beltway insiders to continue running the nation into the ground, according to one man who says an event he hopes to hold this spring will be different.

U.S. Army Col. Harry G. Riley, retired, who runs the Patriots for America website, told WND his event planned for May 16 doesn’t really have an organized sponsor – it will be just be individual Americans assembling to demand a restoration of their nation.

One of the primary catalysts for the event he said, was the establishment of a prayer group.

Also, he vows that they won’t leave Washington until they see change.

“One million or more of the assembled 10 million must be prepared to stay in D.C. as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office,” Riley explains….

2nd top military man calls for millions to march on D.C.

Will you help this man defend the Constitution?

Lost Angels: Skid Row – A Forgotten America

Skid Row is a 5 square Block Located right Next to Hollywood. Here over 40,000 Poor migrate through these blocks with no future in site.

Watch These two Documentaries exposing the side of America that Mainstream does not want you to see. Remember, “See No Evil…”

The People need to know the true state of their Nation. There must be a Public Outcry to Help the epidemic Poverty that is growing Nation wide, through out every “First World Nation”.

The United States is the richest Nation on Earth, yet we see the Poor in every city. The resources are there to help, but the Government would rather by Bullets & Armored Vehicles instead.

Priorities Ladies & Gentlemen, has left the Building.


Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home

This is the trailer for “Skid Row” starring Pras, an unbelievable look at America’s homelessness crisis. Grammy Award winner Pras Michel from The Fugees chose to explore this topic as few would do — he lived on the streets of Skid Row for nine days as a homeless person.


SKID ROW Starring Pras of the Fugees



L.A. schools falling apart, literally

Years of budget cuts have meant many repairs simply aren’t getting done. There are at least 35,442 unresolved calls for service and repairs, with about 1,100 more coming in each day.

The dilapidated bleachers at Marshall High School in Silver Lake have been in such a sorry state for so long, I stopped noticing until recently, when I saw a grandfather teeter as he stepped over a sinkhole in the floorboards.

That made me really look around, as my daughter played in a city recreation league basketball game. It wasn’t pretty.

I saw jutting metal stumps where seats used to be. Entire rows of seats were missing, traffic cones and yellow caution tape were used to cordon off particularly dangerous sections, and a folding chair was planted over a hole to keep people from tumbling into it.

Why do deplorable conditions like this exist, in one of L.A. Unified’s most highly regarded high schools, for years on end?

Part of the answer can be found in numbers. In the last five years, the district has lost about 500 custodians and plant managers, along with about 650 carpenters, electricians and plumbers, according to chief facilities executive Mark Hovatter….


Governments Mentality: “Schools are falling apart, lets invest in new Nuclear Weapons”



History Channel – Mind Control – America’s Secret War FULL

Research for yourself.

If Governments were doing this in the past, what are they doing in the Secret bases they have all over the world?

What about the Thousands of People that Disappear every year?