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GPG for Journalists – Windows edition | Encryption for Journalists

These are a basic instructions on how to protect Source-Journalist communications from being intercepted and read when they transit the internet using a technique called Public Key Encryption (PKE). By following these instructions, you’ll allow any potential source in the world to send you a powerfully encrypted message that ONLY YOU can read even if the two of you have never met or exchanged contact information.

We’ll be using GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) through the “gpg4win” front-end program and focusing on emails as the transmission medium, but once you’ve created your ciphertext, you could send it any way you want: email, IM, blog post, Skype, etc.

Recommended public keyservers include:

GPG for Journalists – Windows edition | Encryption for Journalists | Anonymous 2013 from anon108 on Vimeo.

A message from Anonymous to Chicago Police

A message from Anonymous to Chicago Police #OPGitmo2Chicago

Activists Swarm Homan Square, Demand Probe of Chicago’s Police “Black Site”

Organized by Anonymous, Occupy, and
Black Lives Matter, as well as a number of other groups, the ‘Shut Down
Homan Square’ protest gathered around 200 people outside the detention
facility in the city’s West Side.
Braving Saturday’s below-zero temperatures, the activists held banners and chanted slogans such as“Shut it down” and “Freedom first,” as well as “Indict, convict, send the torturers to jail.” They demanded a probe and changes at the facility after a report in the Guardian claimed it is used by Chicago police as a “secret interrogation facility.”

image: http://rt.com/files/news/39/c0/50/00/gc1.jpg

Olson/Getty Images/AFP “Hopefully with the presence we expect to have,
that will put a little bit of pressure to say, ‘Hey, look – this isn’t
going to go away,’” said Travis McDermott, one of the organizers of the
protest, as quoted by the Guardian.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=051_1425244931#fPhrLbPJyGWHWJCJ.99


Hack Attack! Anonymous strikes at Israeli govt over Gaza

Hacker collective Anonymous has taken down key Israeli government websites in a “retaliatory” attack against Israel and in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Israel Defense Forces, Bank of Israel, and the Israeli PM’s Office were among the targets.

READ MORE: ‘Israel you’re weak’: Anonymous hacktivists shut down key Israeli websites

Others hit by the attack included Israeli’s ministry of Finance, the Embassy of Israel to the United States, the Central Bureau of Statistics and Israeli Immigration…..

Hack Attack! Anonymous strikes at Israeli govt over Gaza

Anonymous Hackers Target CEOs in Operation Wall Street

Anonymous hackers have launched ‘operation wall Street’, a new protest started by the loosely organized hactivist collective against the US government, Wall Street and the financial services industry.

The operation is a call to all Anonymous “members” and citizens of the world and seeks justice for the “innocent and exploited people being forced into homelessness” because of the “crimes of Goldman Sachs and other firms who have indulged in sinister and criminal practices.”

The official proposal for the operation calls for a release of the the Dox on the “CEOs & any and all executives of Goldman Sachs, AIG, Wells Fargo, Chase, Meryl Lynch, and any other guilty party”. The goal of Operation Wall Street is to spread the personal information of those responsible for the crimes to the people who have lost their homes and had their lives destroyed.

According to links that began appearing on Twitter on March 2nd, Anonymous has already released 4.6 gigabytes of data providing the personal information of Wall Street CEOs and other high level executives….



Hit them where it Hurts, The Money.


Anonymous Make a Homeless Man Cry with joy

A beautiful thing happened in Nottingham on the 23rd of February as anonymous protesters took to the streets. On this day there aim was to shutdown all the tax avoiding shops, this is in response to the tax dodging corporations on the high streets who have evaded in excess of £70billion in corporation.
stephen a homeless man in Nottingham cached the eye of anonymous members who stopped and gave him money, overwhelmed with love Steven starts to cry as anonymous member give him hugs and change. under code name oprobbinhood they truly made this homeless mans day
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.


The Value of one man is not whats in his bank account, but whats in his heart.