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Woman dies two days after forced eviction

A 67-year-old Berlin woman who was evicted from her home on Tuesday died two days later at a homeless shelter, it emerged on Friday. The news has sparked criticism of forced evictions…


People think that the Germans have the good Life, but people are struggling all over the world. Evictions, Job Loss, & the cost of Food & Fuel is shrinking the Middle Class & Expanding the Poor. Governments need to focus on Social Programs instead of more Weapons of War.


Cameras Dont make Berlin safer, but Politicians think so.

Berlin’s state Interior Minister Frank Henkel put the drop down to the increased number of CCTV cameras, as well as an increased police presence on public transport….


“Hey, Hahn is Being Mugged! Oh, its ok! A Camera is watching the Crime.” 😉

Crime will continue to grow worse as long as  Society Crumbles. The Government must take care of the Issues and/or Problems their Citizens face today.

Throwing more Camera’s or Police will not fix the bigger issues of the Cause of these Crimes.

Police State is not what a Nation needs nor desires.