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How Healthy are Hookahs?

Hookah smoking is being introduced to people as a healthy alternative for cigarette smoking. People are being told that smoking a hookah is safer and will not cause you any harm. Moreover, it is also seen as a recreational activity, which is why numerous bars and cafes providing the people a chance to smoke a hookah have opened up in every nook and corner of the country.

However, scientific research has yielded some startling results which all point to the fact that hookah smoking is not as safe as it had been proclaimed earlier. Researchers have found that smoking from a hookah has harmful effects on the health of a human being much like smoking a cigarette and in some ways it is even more dangerous than cigarette smoking. This article explains how Hookah works and in which aspects it does harm to your body.

How does Hookah Work?

A Hookah in essence is a container that has water present in it. This water container has a smoking chamber in which a unique type of tobacco is kept and slowly heated, converting the tobacco into smoke. The smoking chamber has a large bowl connected to it in which water is present for cooling the smoke coming from the smoking chamber. This cooled smoke is then delivered to the mouth of the hookah smoker through a small hose which acts as the devices’ mouthpiece.

You might feel that the water present in the hookah is for diluting the smoke and ridding it of the toxins that are contained in it, but sadly this is not the case. With nothing to dilute the toxins, the smoke is just as injurious to the health of the smoker as a real cigarette smoke would be for him. Furthermore, the hookah provides a smoker a chance to smoke for an extended period of time which can range up to an hour filling his lungs with more smoke than he would have done if he were smoking a cigarette.

Is Hookah Smoking Bad for You?

All of the new researches made about the safety of hookah smoking have revealed that hookah smoke is just as harmful for the health of a person as cigarette smoke….

Is Hookah Smoking Bad for You?


Form an opinion when you know the facts.

Stay Free, Healthy & Informed.




The Soursop Fruit Is 10,000 Times More Powerful Than Chemo-Therapy

The Soursop Fruit Is 10,000 Times More Powerful Than Chemo-Therapy

Soursop, also known as graviola, custard apple, cherimoya, guanabana, and Brazilian pawpaw is a fruit that grows in Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of northern South America. It has also been introduced to certain areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific. Annona muricata is the scientific name for this flowering Evergreen tree. The fruit of this tree is composed of white flesh, fiber, and indigestible black seeds.

People in Africa and South America have used parts of this plant to treat arthritis, depression, rheumatism, and infections from viruses and parasites.

The Soursop Fruit Is 10,000 Times More Powerful Than Chemo-Therapy

Undeniable Evidence Links Popular Sunscreens To Cancer

Cancer rates are increasing as we continue to surround ourselves with an extremely toxic environment. Everything from GMOs to pesticides and cosmetics, our world is full of cancer-causing agents that are now being exposed. People are beginning to wake up and take back control of their own health. Researching and actually looking into things rather than blindly believing mass marketing and media seems to be the new trend.

It’s ironic how people combat potential dangers from long-term sun exposure by rubbing several known toxic chemicals all over their bodies. Skin cancer used to be rare, but today one in every five Americans develop skin cancer; that’s around 3.5 million people diagnosed every year, and the incidence of melanoma has increased over 1000% in the last 20 + years. All of this comes with the increased use of sunscreen and the mass marketing of sunscreen coupled with the mass fear that seems to plague the planet with regards to sun exposure….

Stay away from Commercial Sunscreen. There are natural ways to defend from the sun, like drink plenty of water with vitamin C, use shade, or stay inside at high peek. There is just no reason why you should put toxic chemicals on your skin.

Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers with Natural Treatment

Amish people gather throughout Ohio and elsewhere to hear about Akron Children’s Hospital and the story of the Hershbergers.



Just in (Monday 9:20 am EST)-– Father said 10-year-old Sarah would physically fight if the hospital tried to force her to be hooked up to the chemotherapy. She does not want it anymore. Unconfirmed reports say Warrants have been issued.
Wed Oct 29 — Sheriff deputies and childrens services visit to inquire of Sarah’s whereabouts. The Hershbergers are summoned to court a fourth time.
Thurs Oct 30 — The Foundations for Health Education has announced the start of Sarah’s Health Freedom Fund at http://j.mp/sarahsfund

JUST OUT! PART 2 (Sat Nov 2 9:30 pm EST) Update PLUS With 37-min interview with Grandfather of Amish girl– a bishop. Please share this on your blog– and Facebook if you like it. LINK given at end of this post.
Permission given to summarize and extract with link back but PLEASE use graphic for the fundraiser…..

Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers with Natural Treatment

Another whole punched into the Fabric of Reality Mainstream Spews.

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