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Home Remedy for Nausea and Indigestion: Ginger Candy

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Ginger is considered a warming and spicy flavored herb. The warming nature of ginger is reflected in the fact that ginger can be used against various illnesses caused by cold. Ginger is also used in cases of food poisoning and nausea, poor digestion, diarrhea, lack of appetite, hand and feet feel cold. You can have a fresh small piece of ginger, if you have any above mentioned illness. Some people (like me) don’t like the raw taste of ginger. So, here is the solution.


Ginger candy is the best home remedy for many illnesses in South India. In Tamil nadu, We call it as Inji Murabba ( Inji means Ginger ; Murabba means Sweet Jam Pickle). My mom used to make this candy for us. She always keeps small stash of ginger candy in her hand bag. I have suffered travel sickness many times during my childhood days. This candy helped me to get rid of those sickness….


Recipes: Two Easy Honey Candy Recipes

One thing that no one ever seems to mention when it comes to making (well, eating!) honey based candy is that it quickly goes from crunchy to chewy in your mouth. This is more noticeable with the Honey & Vinegar Candy than the Honey Nut Butter Candy, but because of this reason, I recommend these for older children and even then, be sure to break into small serving sizes. The texture of the Honey & Vinegar reminds me quite a bit of the Sugar Babies that I bought as a kid, if that gives you some idea of the chew-factor!…


Honey, good for your body, Great for your Tongue 🙂


Nature’s Candy – Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples

Nature’s Candy – Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Apples

I’m calling this one “Nature’s Candy” because my first thought upon tasting it was, “OMG, WHO NEEDS CANDY WHEN THIS EXISTS?!” … Yep, I thought it in all caps and everything…..


Fruits Are already Nature’s Candy, but kick can help sometimes 🙂