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Above is just a few of the thousands upon thousands of unsold cars at Sheerness, United Kingdom.  Please do see this on Google Maps….type in Sheerness, United Kingdom.  Look to the west coast, below River Thames next to River Medway. Left of A249, Brielle Way.

Timestamp: Friday, May16th, 2014.

There are hundreds of places like this in the world today and they keep on piling up. And why are they using runways at disused airbases to park up thousands of cars if car sales are normal?

General Motors had an all time high of 815,000 unsold cars last month, 83 days supply just sitting there. This rose to 826,000 to the end of April which equates as 85 days worth of sales, gone unsold.


How many of you working class people, reading this webpage, have bought a new car recently? Please do vote in the Poll, Thank You. Already over 80% are saying they have not recently bought a new car.  Indeed the figures speak for themselves…….


Most underride guards fail to stop deadly crashes

New crash tests: Underride guards on most big rigs leave passenger vehicle occupants at risk in certain crashes

Modern semitrailers for the most part do a good job of keeping passenger vehicles from sliding underneath them, greatly increasing the chances of surviving a crash into the back of a large truck, recent tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) show. But in crashes involving only a small portion of the truck’s rear, most trailers fail to prevent potentially deadly underride.

Full text of release at http://www.iihs.org/news/rss/pr031413…

So TIP! Do not drive close behind trucks or any vehicle. Even at 35mph its can be a fatal crash. Protect yourself & your Family. Drive Responsibly.