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Former Nestlé CEO Says Water Is Food That Should Be Privatized – Not A Human Right

Do you believe water is a basic human right? According to Nestlé CEO water is a foodstuff that should be privatized, not a human right. Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck says that with the global population rising water is not a public right, but a resource that should be managed by businessmen. Please do share your thoughts.


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This Man is a Criminal to the People & their Rights. He actually thinks Water belongs to Private Companies, Its Great that there are less workers in factories due to automated robots, & People need to work Longer Harder Hours.

What a Humanitarian! He should be dropped in the middle of the Sahara with One Bottle of Water.



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Wealth distribution in US : Reality vs What People Think

This Video visualizes the actual distribution of wealth in the United States using a collection of infographics. The video highlights that the current top 1% of Americans hold about 38% of all wealth in the United States.


Reality is Shocking, isn’t it?

Are you Mad Yet?



Anonymous Hackers Target CEOs in Operation Wall Street

Anonymous hackers have launched ‘operation wall Street’, a new protest started by the loosely organized hactivist collective against the US government, Wall Street and the financial services industry.

The operation is a call to all Anonymous “members” and citizens of the world and seeks justice for the “innocent and exploited people being forced into homelessness” because of the “crimes of Goldman Sachs and other firms who have indulged in sinister and criminal practices.”

The official proposal for the operation calls for a release of the the Dox on the “CEOs & any and all executives of Goldman Sachs, AIG, Wells Fargo, Chase, Meryl Lynch, and any other guilty party”. The goal of Operation Wall Street is to spread the personal information of those responsible for the crimes to the people who have lost their homes and had their lives destroyed.

According to links that began appearing on Twitter on March 2nd, Anonymous has already released 4.6 gigabytes of data providing the personal information of Wall Street CEOs and other high level executives….



Hit them where it Hurts, The Money.