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Speedy German disabled man told: Get out and walk

A disabled pensioner was recently stopped by German police for speeding on his electric cart and reportedly ordered to continue his journey on foot.

Klaus-Dieter Stellmacher, 63, was on his way home in the town of Schwedt in the eastern state of Brandenburg last week when he zoomed passed a parked police car. He was confronted by five officers who claimed he exceeded the 6 kph speed limit which applies to drivers with no third-party insurance, he told the regional daily Märkische Oderzeitung.

According to specifications provided by manufacturers of the Shoprider 889-XLS, the vehicle’s maximum speed-limit is the prescribed 6 kph.

But Stellmacher, left with disabilities after a series of strokes, says this explanation was not accepted and he was told to continue his journey home on foot while pushing the heavy cart….



When People Believe that Police injustice happens only in Iran, China or USA, sorry. You are sadly mistaken.