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Superpower For Hire

Published on May 1, 2014

In the last 20 years, global combat has seen a steady shift towards the use of private military corporations, or PMCs. What happens when the highest bidder becomes the world’s next superpower?

A new era arrives for Call of Duty. See the world reveal on 5.4.14.

Stay tuned for the full VICE investigation of PMCs. http://www.vice.com


Zimbabwe – Casting Shadows On Our Streets

Dear Family and Friends,

Standing on the pavement waiting for a friend outside a shop this week, I noticed a tall barefoot woman holding the hand of a little boy who was maybe three or four years old. Both the woman and the child looked to be in a bad way: dirty, dishevelled and gaunt.

It was a scorching day, the heat was beating down and in the shadow cast by the buildings another young woman sat on a cloth she had laid out on the pavement. Next to her she had a bucket filled with plastic frozen tubes filled with coloured soft drink called Freezits.

This is how hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are making their living….

Zimbabwe – Casting Shadows On Our Streets

As large corporation move in to take the resources of a poor nation, the people will continue to suffer, but with less.


C-Span source: Tax System is Voluntary

Listen how the Representative from California clearly states not once, but Twice that the American IRS Tax System is Voluntary.

The IRS is a Private Corporation run by the Federal Reserve and the IMF. With the other Fed run branch the Treasury, has gotten rid of the American Gold Back Currencies allowing them to Print Fiat money based on Regulations set by Them.

The United States has lost its savings & Currency Value allowing Big Corporations to Reign, but Small Companies to Crawl.

A Perfect System for the One Percent on Top!

Mad Yet?


How Corporations Create Animal Cruelty

Large corporations and factory farming are responsible for more animal cruelty than just about anything else. Just wait until they get their hands on free range chickens and their eggs. Learn more about this at http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/c…

Haha Chickens Jailed without Charge.

Build your own Chicken Coop, or find a local Free Range Farm.


Wealth distribution in US : Reality vs What People Think

This Video visualizes the actual distribution of wealth in the United States using a collection of infographics. The video highlights that the current top 1% of Americans hold about 38% of all wealth in the United States.


Reality is Shocking, isn’t it?

Are you Mad Yet?



Anonymous Hackers Target CEOs in Operation Wall Street

Anonymous hackers have launched ‘operation wall Street’, a new protest started by the loosely organized hactivist collective against the US government, Wall Street and the financial services industry.

The operation is a call to all Anonymous “members” and citizens of the world and seeks justice for the “innocent and exploited people being forced into homelessness” because of the “crimes of Goldman Sachs and other firms who have indulged in sinister and criminal practices.”

The official proposal for the operation calls for a release of the the Dox on the “CEOs & any and all executives of Goldman Sachs, AIG, Wells Fargo, Chase, Meryl Lynch, and any other guilty party”. The goal of Operation Wall Street is to spread the personal information of those responsible for the crimes to the people who have lost their homes and had their lives destroyed.

According to links that began appearing on Twitter on March 2nd, Anonymous has already released 4.6 gigabytes of data providing the personal information of Wall Street CEOs and other high level executives….



Hit them where it Hurts, The Money.


What the shale gas industry doesn’t want you to know about Fracking

Last week the Telegraph published an article I wrote headlined “Now for the Downside of Fracking”, which was based on the experience of several days reporting from Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

The piece was an attempt to provide an ground-eye view of what it is like living in close proximity to the so-called “gas rush” which has boosted the local economy, but also caused a backlash from some residents who live close to the installations.

The broader point was very clear. As I wrote: “From a safe distance, the arguments for fracking seem absolutely irresistible – abundant cheap energy, nearly 2 million new jobs and a pain-free fall in carbon emissions – but for those who unlucky enough to find themselves close to the drilling and processing sites, the experience can be miserable.”

To make the point again, watch this video, which was shot by Jerry Yeager, a 58-year-old retired garbage collector, who lives with his wife a few hundred metres from a compressor station outside Smithfield, and you will see what I mean.

He estimates that the compressor station makes these kinds of noises “about 30 per cent” of the time, or another sound which he likens to “a 747 taking off from the backyard”….


Not even the Wild Life should live next to this Noise Pollution. Fracking Should Be Banned, Plain & Simple!Try to listen to this on High Volume.

I Dare You!