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Recipe: Mango Lassi – This Indian drink is like a mango milkshake and is delicious

Recipe From Jamie Oliver

This Indian drink is like a mango milkshake and is delicious

This is a Great, Easy, Healthy, refreshing Drink ready for the warm Spring.
Tip: Put mango pieces in fridge or freezer before blending, so drink is ice cold after mixing 🙂

Recipe: Chia Fresca: A Natural Energy Drink!

Excuse me, but I must ask you what you are drinking? I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Those are the kinds of questions a girl gets asked when she’s toting this drink to a spin class. You get stares, sideways looks, and nervous smiles. The people out there are curious and they need to know that you aren’t drinking little black bugs. They need to be able to sleep at night. For goodness sake, tell them what you are drinking so they can get back to their workout!

So I tell them with a big smile, Chia bugs. Then there’s an awkward pause and even more confusion.

Ok, ok, it’s actually a healthy beverage called Chia Fresca which has been a popular drink in Mexico and Central America for many years. I’m sure many of you have heard of it before or even made it yourself. It’s made up of water, chia seeds, lemon or lime juice, and sweetener….


A Healthy Energy Drink to Start Your day.