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Google, Beyond the CIA: Insurgency and Espionage Factory

ntercepted emails expose Google as an intelligence contractor openly involved in aiding terror organizations throughout Africa, Asia and the world, working well outside any official oversight and authority, far beyond even the CIA’s wildest abuses…..


Google is a CIA Front & the most used form the government collects data on people.

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New Email Scam, Beware

New Scam – ‘You Are Selected For
A Lottery Winner Give Away’


I and my wife w on £148.6 Million Pounds last year, and we have done lot of charity donation, so we decide to give 1.5 Million Pounds each to 5 lucky people this 2013, lucky for you, your email, was given to us by google managment as one of our lucky recipients…..

Providing the scammer with your name, country, age, occupation and phone number can be enough to steal your identity….


Protect Yourself & do not give away private Information to Parties you dont know.



Saddam’s physician, Iceland’s peaceful revolution, Israel violated ceasefire

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Iraq War veteran Dr. Sudip Bose about his experience as a physician following the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the health effects felt by soldiers after war. Abby then calls out the corporate media for blatant bias in headlines suggesting that the Palestinians violated last November’s ceasefire with Israel. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with economist and ‘News of Iceland’ Editor Steinar Bjornsson about Iceland’s peaceful revolution, and how Icelanders have changed their country through non-violent protest.


Ms. Martin Exposing the Truth, because we all know “Corporate Media” Wont.

That Physician, He’s full of Shit.

End All Aid to Israel!

Check out Iceland’s Revolution!