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German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA

There has been much criticism of the US agency in Germany, but surveillance laws in both countries fail to protect internet privacy

In recent weeks there has been much criticism of the US National Security Agency. It spies on people indiscriminately – even the citizens of its European allies – goes the furious and clearly justified accusation. Politicians in Germany and the EU have repeatedly criticised the US. Yet it seems they themselves are sitting in a rather large glass house.

The German intelligence service – the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – to name an example close to home, does exactly the same thing as the NSA abroad and it does so within a similar legal framework. “The differences between the BND and the NSA are much smaller than is generally accepted by the public,” write Stefan Heumann and Ben Scott in their study on the legal foundations of internet surveillance programmes in the US, the UK and Germany.

Heumann works at the German thinktank Neue Verantwortung (New Responsibility), Scott was an adviser to the former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and is now a policy adviser at the Open Technology Institute, part of the New America Foundation thinktank. In their study, the analysts compared the legal foundations, focus and parliamentary oversight of spying programmes in three countries.

Their findings: the NSA runs the biggest spying programme and has the advantage that its targets – the internet providers – are mainly based in the US. Yet at its core the NSA’s surveillance is no different from that of the British GCHQ and the BND in Germany. The underlying laws have the same structure, write Heumann and Scott, even if “their interpretation can differ”.

Heumann and Scott are not the first to say this. The Berlin-based lawyer Niko Härting, for example, has compared the legal foundations for the work of the NSA and the BND. He also found that both agencies are essentially doing the same thing in that they consider everyone living outside their territory to be “without rights”. In short: intelligence services are allowed to spy on foreigners completely unimpeded. Härting points out that it is, after all, the job of foreign intelligence services to watch everybody else…..

German intelligence service is as bad as the NSA

The absurd part is that it is done with the agreement of most German Citizens.

The Countries of the EU need to WAKE UP & see that their sovereignty is being chiseled away piece by piece! All in the name of “Peace”.

Your leaders do not care about you, but only ways to line their Pockets.


Tate & Lyle – EU Sugar supplier Accused over Child Labour

Thai firm KSL Group accused, along with Cambodian government, of land grabs, forced evictions, arson and theft

The British sugar giant Tate & Lyle has imported large volumes of sugar from Cambodia through a supplier that is accused of using child labour and being complicit in expropriating land and inflicting violence on local people.

Tate & Lyle – which is the EU’s largest cane sugar producer and whose ingredients are used in a wide range of foods around the world – , has used the Thai KSL Group since 2011 for its supplies from Cambodia. However, KSL is alleged to have been complicit, along with the Cambodian government, in the eviction of people from their land, arson and theft….

Business Tate and Lyle Tate & Lyle sugar supplier accused over child labour

 If your Sugar taste a bit Bitter you will now know why. Children sweat for your Lumps. Luxury comes at a cost, but sometimes it is not you that has to pay.


Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe

Nigel Farage spoke at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.

Listen to when the truth is Exposed. The EU is collapsing, but don’t go down with the ship. Especially when you where never in command.



Poland Becomes The 8th EU Nation To Ban Monsanto Maize

Poland has become the eighth EU member state to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops. Seven other EU member states have already imposed bans on the cultivation of GM crops approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe: Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece and Bulgaria…


Bravo Poland, for refusing to Poison Polish Citizens with untested GMO food.


Rette deine Privatsphäre! – Stoppt den “Lobby-Krieg” gegen EU-Datenschutz!

Schreibe deinen EU-Abgeordneten und setze dich
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Rette deine Privatsphäre!


Defend your Privacy! – Stop Lobby War on new EU Privacy Law!

Contact your Representative and tell them to:
1. Keep the original Law and push for more privacy AND
2. Do something against holes that are proposed by Lobbyists.
Contact details can e.g. be found on http://EUDataP.info/

Defend your Privacy today!