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If Obama came from Mars & is a great President the people wouldn’t care.

The problem is this President came into power under Lies & continue to Lie to the American People. He agrees to kill Americans without trial using drones. Obama is a Crook, & Liar just like the Politicians in Washington.


The ADD ADHD MYTH Does the disease really exist?

NIMH cant define the disease they are treating millions of kids for.. These are the guys we trust as we pop meth into our kids mouth everyday? O I’m sorry, I forgot they call it Ritalin now..

The symptoms of this made up disease are simply due to evolution as a species, fast paced advertising, and deterioration of the brain due to watching television way too much.

It started with MTV, and faced paced commercials, then movies and now everything we watch on TV has fast flip camera angels or fast paced advertising. After 30 years of this, we have evolved and expect our information faster and faster, and the children of today are smarter then their 40 and 50 year old teachers. This is the real reason they suggest drugging.

There are natural remedies for all the things the Psychiatric and Pharmacutial Industry has claimed to cure, spend time doing research and try to think outside of the box. Wake up America…


Listen they are caught in a LIE!

The Comments Say it all. Drugging Our Children is not the way to Parenting.


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