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It’s time to start talking seriously about Basic Income

or: How we can save ourselves from the coming robot revolution

Let’s start with the bad news: The robots are stealing our jobs.

That may sound like science fiction hyperbole to many of you, but it really shouldn’t — it’s been happening for years, and there are now hundreds of jobs disappearing every day. No, I’m not talking about a scenario where WALL-E rolls up and kicks you out of your cubicle. The way that robots are stealing our jobs is by automating the work we do today.

Here’s how it happens: as technology progresses, machines are invented capable of doing work that used to require significant human time and effort. Since it’s typically cheaper to have a machine than a person on staff, this eliminates jobs that formerly existed to get that work done — the positions are “automated.” Automation eliminated many auto industry jobs in the 1980s when robot-driven car assembly was developed, and now jobs like store clerks and baristas are being threatened by smarter and cheaper machines. More than three million transportation industry jobs are at risk of displacement by the widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles, which will be present in 30 US cities by the end of 2016

Zimbabwe – Casting Shadows On Our Streets

Dear Family and Friends,

Standing on the pavement waiting for a friend outside a shop this week, I noticed a tall barefoot woman holding the hand of a little boy who was maybe three or four years old. Both the woman and the child looked to be in a bad way: dirty, dishevelled and gaunt.

It was a scorching day, the heat was beating down and in the shadow cast by the buildings another young woman sat on a cloth she had laid out on the pavement. Next to her she had a bucket filled with plastic frozen tubes filled with coloured soft drink called Freezits.

This is how hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are making their living….

Zimbabwe – Casting Shadows On Our Streets

As large corporation move in to take the resources of a poor nation, the people will continue to suffer, but with less.