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UFO over Los Angeles 1942 Million Witnesses

Remembering C. Scott Littleton Ph.D. – Eyewitness To The Battle of Los Angeles

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 2-24-15

On this day we pay tribute to my good friend, colleague, research partner and eyewitness to one of the most significant UFO events in history.

Here is an excerpt of an article by a former student of Scotty’s, Caitlin Hammer. The UFO Chronicles published her piece back in 2006:

“Scotty Littleton awoke to his parents’ whispers in the hall. He peeked out and saw his father’s pale face. As an air raid warden for his beachfront neighborhood, Scotty’s dad had to leave his family and enforce the blackout outside. The shells weren’t exploding over the ocean this time, so it couldn’t be a drill. But neither could he confirm his fears of a real enemy attack –nobody answered the phone at the Civil Defense Headquarters. Only after he walked into the street for a better view did the air raid siren start up.

Mrs. Littleton’s father was staying with the family, and he was slow to get out of bed. Slow to do everything actually. But when Scotty’s dad shouted from the doorway, “Mr. Hotchkiss, I think this may be the real thing,” the old widower bolted down the basement steps…..


Lost Angels: Skid Row – A Forgotten America

Skid Row is a 5 square Block Located right Next to Hollywood. Here over 40,000 Poor migrate through these blocks with no future in site.

Watch These two Documentaries exposing the side of America that Mainstream does not want you to see. Remember, “See No Evil…”

The People need to know the true state of their Nation. There must be a Public Outcry to Help the epidemic Poverty that is growing Nation wide, through out every “First World Nation”.

The United States is the richest Nation on Earth, yet we see the Poor in every city. The resources are there to help, but the Government would rather by Bullets & Armored Vehicles instead.

Priorities Ladies & Gentlemen, has left the Building.


Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home

This is the trailer for “Skid Row” starring Pras, an unbelievable look at America’s homelessness crisis. Grammy Award winner Pras Michel from The Fugees chose to explore this topic as few would do — he lived on the streets of Skid Row for nine days as a homeless person.


SKID ROW Starring Pras of the Fugees



Brazen Los Angeles Chemtrail

This chemtrail-emitting jet above the Los Angeles Basin was so bold in its spraying that it didn’t wait until it was traveling straight to begin letting the gas out. The chemtrail has a big curve in the beginning of its spraying. The air in the basin was too warm and dry for this jet to emit contrails. Further proof that it is a chemtrail is the curve at the beginning – this jet was not going so high and fast as to produce a contrail as this fairly sharp turn shows. It also shows that the gassing was targeted right over the second largest metropolitan in the United States with millions of people in it so oblivious to this obvious gas dispersal that the subject doesn’t rank media attention let alone outrage.

Know the Truth about Chemtrails. Chemtrails is deliberate spaying & poisoning of the public.