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1000s of Israelis set to hold rally against Netanyahu

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take part in a rally against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling for a change in the Zionist regime’s policies.

The march dubbed, “Israel Wants Change,” is scheduled to start at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square at 7:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

The protesters will call on Israel to refocus on a number of issues such as education, health, wages, housing, the elderly and the cost of living….

1000s of Israelis set to hold rally against Netanyahu

2nd top military man calls for millions to march on D.C.

Truckers rallied in Washington to restore America to its constitutional republic foundations. So did veterans. And bikers. They all assembled and then departed, leaving the Beltway insiders to continue running the nation into the ground, according to one man who says an event he hopes to hold this spring will be different.

U.S. Army Col. Harry G. Riley, retired, who runs the Patriots for America website, told WND his event planned for May 16 doesn’t really have an organized sponsor – it will be just be individual Americans assembling to demand a restoration of their nation.

One of the primary catalysts for the event he said, was the establishment of a prayer group.

Also, he vows that they won’t leave Washington until they see change.

“One million or more of the assembled 10 million must be prepared to stay in D.C. as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office,” Riley explains….

2nd top military man calls for millions to march on D.C.

Will you help this man defend the Constitution?


On October 11, the very people who keep America moving will use the day to stop traffic in the nation’s capital.

If one group of laborers in America is too often overlooked, it may be truckers.Many Americans think they rarely come in contact with truckers. But when is the last time you bought a soda? How about a gallon of milk? A tank of gas?

We have truckers to thank for those conveniences.

Given that truckers are an essential part of the American infrastructure, yet are so easily forgotten, it is no surprise that they would be bringing their own grievances to the attention of Washington, D.C.

A large group of truckers is planning a protest in Washington on October 11 for three days, to challenge Obama’s “corruption against the Constitution.”

The “Truckers Ride For The Constitution” Facebook page says, “The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!”….


Join the these Truckers demanding for their Constitutional Rights to be restored.

Be there OCTOBER 11-13, 2013


Gardener’s To-Do List for March

If you don’t know what USDA hardiness zone you live in, check the map here. From outside the US, Compair a Climate similar to yours.

March To-Do List For Zone 3….



Get your Garden Ready!


Hundreds march against GMOs in Hawaii


HALEIWA, Hawaii —The march against genetically modified foods in Hawaii drew hundreds and shut down one lane of a highway on Saturday.

Protesters who gathered together came armed with signs, some with messages that said, ‘stop planting seeds of destruction.’ They are fighting for a future of Hawaii without GMO testing and farming.

Protesters took over a lane on Kamehameha highway slowing down traffic through Haleiwa. One of the key points they wanted heard: genetically modified foods need to be labeled.

But, The main target is Monsanto, a lead producer of genetically modified seeds that has planted roots in Hawaii.

“Instead of being left in the dark and deceived about this they will know that their food has been genetically modified,” said protester Courtney Bruch.

“It’s solely control of the food supply, and all the seeds in the world are now being co-opted by these chemical companies,” said protester Melissa Yee.

But, Alicia Maluafiti with the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association said genetically modified foods are healthy and nutritional.

“They’ve come up with a way to cross breed different types of plants, plants only, so they can be the natural resistance to bugs and worms and other things that they have to spray pesticides on to kill,” said Maluafiti.

Maluafiti also said protesting to shut down Monsanto means more than getting rid of GMOs in Hawaii, it also means losing local jobs.

“We employ 2,000 people, and we’re looking at a federal impact locally of $138 million. That’s going to be devastating to the people here,” said Maluafiti.

However, protesters said in the end it’s about the quality of the food we eat.

“The nutritional value is not there, the pesticide use does not help the land or the food itself,” said protester James Macey.

Protesters said this is just the beginning. There will be many more marches against genetically modified foods and Monsanto throughout this month. Some will take place on other islands.

Newz report at link:



Hawaii is saying, No to GMOs! When will your state stand up for the same? Monsanto belongs in a Jail, not in a Farm.