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What Would Happen if the US Stopped Giving Money to Israel

On Tuesday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress, and what he said was more or less what you’d expect: Basically, Iran is untrustworthy and dangerous, and allowing it to continue even a limited version of its nuclear program is going to lead to an “arms race” in the Middle East. The audience was dominated by Republicans, and they clapped like crazy as they listened to the speech.

The fact that the speech even happened was bananas. Netanyahu was invited by House Speaker John Boehner, who declined to ask the White House whether it would be OK for a foreign head of state to come preach to Congress about the dangers of the administration’s impending nuclear deal with Iran. Obama didn’t meet with Netanyahu during his visit, and Democrats—including usually staunch defenders of Israel—didn’t hide how upset they were over the Israeli prime minister’s heavy-handed slight.,,,

We Asked a Military Expert What Would Happen if the US Stopped Giving Money to Israel


17 Reasons To “Pop Tags” at the Thrift Store

Fifty years ago, you never wanted to mention getting a deal on something or buying second-hand. Now, it’s something to brag about. A popular song made it even cooler to thrift shop and “pop tags.” It’s completely snazzy to “wear your grandpa’s clothes,” but you can find so much more at the shops. More often than not, you will get compliments on a thrift find over a new good.

Goods today are cheap, low-quality, outsourced, and extremely over-inflated in price. The sweatshop clothing presented now already has threads ripping at the seams, thinned-out cheap polyester is the main textile, and buttons will break off. Who likes to have pangs of guilt for supporting that system where we are both the slave and slave driver? And then you might have to pay to have the item fixed. Low cost is the obvious reason to go, but there are other less obvious benefits.

I don’t think the thrift shops of the future will have much quality to offer as everything continues to break down – so here are 17 reasons to go thrifting now:

1. Great quality – The fact that it has survived wear and wash and winds up at the thrift shop for you to enjoy is a testament of quality. You’ll notice, especially with vintage, thicker cotton or linen, double stitching, durable buttons, and leather goods. A new Chinese-made can opener broke the very first second I used it – the $.10 old-time one has worked for years. Look for heavier, older models of kitchen gear. Older appliances are easier to fix and have longer cords!…

17 Reasons To “Pop Tags” at the Thrift Store

The concept of they dont make it like they use to is more true today then ever before. You would be surprised how long an old pair of jeans will last compared to a new one. Save & get Quality!



C-Span source: Tax System is Voluntary

Listen how the Representative from California clearly states not once, but Twice that the American IRS Tax System is Voluntary.

The IRS is a Private Corporation run by the Federal Reserve and the IMF. With the other Fed run branch the Treasury, has gotten rid of the American Gold Back Currencies allowing them to Print Fiat money based on Regulations set by Them.

The United States has lost its savings & Currency Value allowing Big Corporations to Reign, but Small Companies to Crawl.

A Perfect System for the One Percent on Top!

Mad Yet?


Nigel Farage on “wholesale, violent revolution” in Europe

Nigel Farage spoke at the Sovereign Man: Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, on March 30 – April 1, 2013.

Listen to when the truth is Exposed. The EU is collapsing, but don’t go down with the ship. Especially when you where never in command.