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Avenge Tesla And End Suppression Once And For All

WARNING: This knowledge is for elite truth warriors only. If you can’t handle being wrong and value your ego more than science then stop reading now. If you believe in the absolute truth, if you believe in science then read on and champion the truth as Tesla would have wanted us to.

The Work of Nikola Tesla is now more suppressed than ever before.
Instead of silence it is a flood of noise, distraction and misinformation. Nearly All Tesla Organizations are controlled outlets and are headed by agents of dis-information. Their job is to distract and entertain and whenever possible misinform. They are funded by the same sources that have suppressed Tesla for over a century.
Whereas the bankers made ever effort to write Nikola Tesla out of the history books and have him shunned by the press, now that a grass roots effort to bring the truth of Tesla’s work to light has emerged the bankers have resorted to Plan B, turn Tesla into an idol while spreading only lies about the true nature of his work. The bankers always make sure to control both sides of every story so no matter who wins, the truth is always hidden in the noise. This is how suppression works…..
Tesla is a Hero. He will not be forgotten.
Free Energy is Real, Here, & Possible. The Government’s Problems is that they cant put a meter on it, so they can tax you.
Spread & Expose the Truth! Demand Free Energy Now!