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Poem – One Step

One Step

All it takes is one Step

Then there are two Steps, but from a second pair

The Luxury is gone that when the problem is at our doorsteps only Then we should care

But new ideas have been landing

People are waking up, standing

Now it is Us! That are demanding

They, are not the only One’s that are planning…

For a brighter day

A Freedom to chose how we live and play.

Kids can build a stand & sell lemonade

Without fear of Big Blue coming & taking it all away.

I own what I bought, made or built

& not constantly pay taxes for it, like some form of guilt

Especially when it all goes to accessorize and sparkle their hilt

All the while The People’s crops wilt.

I know exactly what I’m eating.

Given all the facts & information so I can chose & think freely.

That little we ask for & they say, “That’s Not Easy”

Leaders do exactly that, Lead

Works for the common man to provide exactly what they need

An end to corporate greed

With Earths resources and technology mankind can succeed!

There is no reason, for one to rise, others are kneed.

Though that is what The People, are starting to see

Change is in the Wind

Shot’s heard round the world where would it begin

Aw I’m just daydreaming

Thank you,

March 2015