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Can M-16′s Defeat F-16′s In the Coming Civil War?

“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”. This axiom is soon going to be put to the test in the United States.

Dr. Jim Garrow is a name you are going to be seeing a lot of in the truthful media for the foreseeable future. Garrow is a former deep cover CIA agent who has his hand on the pulse of the crises which are befalling America. What separates Dr. Garrow from many high level sources who are disgusted with the status quo, is that he is on the record and is publicly visible.

While many of the 200+ command level officers fired by Obama are informing many of us in the media about the current state of affairs, they are not on the record. Other than self-preservation, the major reason why these former military commanders are not on the record is because some of them are involved in planning a guerrilla war against the occupation forces commanded by this administration under the auspices of DHS. And this is precisely what Dr. Garrow stated on my December 22, 2013 show which you can listen to here. He also went on to say that a coup attempt is probable and that a prolonged guerrilla civil war is likely. All of  my sources state that the coming civil war will be a guerrilla war….

Can M-16′s Defeat F-16′s In the Coming Civil War?

Why Good People Should Be Armed

Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of firearms, the principle that matters most is quite simple.

Listen to her words & the truth in them. Taking guns away from the people takes away the Freedom from the people.


People of Earth Let Us All Unite – Charlie Chaplin

One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on.

This Father of Slapstick Comedy was more Awake then 90% of the Drones of this Planet.

Wake up & heed Mr. Chaplin’s words for they are more vital today then when he first spoke them.


No, I’m not going to the world cup.

(Jun 17, 2013) thousands of people are going to the streets of São Paulo to protest against the raise in the prices of bus tickets.
This video was recorded right before the recent protests started, but with all of this going on, it becomes even more evident that the World Cup and the Olympics should not be our priority. The world has to know about what’s really going on. Please share #changebrazil
The World Cup & Olympics only benefit big Corporations, Leaving Cities in Debt, big unused Structures, & Instant Large Unemployment after games end.
Over 200,000 people are on the streets throughout Brazil!
You want to help Brazil, Don’t go to the World Cup!

Have You Chosen or Created Your Health Problems?

With what two words can true healing begin to take place in your life?
Taking Responsibility.What is the opposite of taking responsibility for your health? Blame.
I have bad genetics. It is my genes fault.

  • My parents fed me bad food. It is my parents fault.
  • I work too much to be healthy. It is my work’s fault.
  • I don’t have the money to be healthy. It is my finances fault.
  • I don’t have time to be healthy. It is time’s fault.
  • I have cancer. It is the cancer’s fault.
  • It is the chocolate, cheese, beer, or candy’s fault. It is food’s fault.
Victim. Victim. Victim. Let’s be honest, is this really loving yourself?…

Have You Chosen or Created Your Health Problems?

The world is full of excuses, but few solutions are executed.
Stop blaming the world for your health problems & try to Heal Yourself.
Healthy Diet & Physical Activities Alone work wonders on the Body.
Go Outside & Plant a Garden Today! 🙂

Detroit police accused of ‘kidnapping’ homeless people, leaving them outside city limits

Following a year-long investigation, the ACLU has filed a complaint demanding that Detroit Police halt what it calls the “disturbing practice” of literally driving away the homeless, often leaving them to fend for themselves in unfamiliar areas….


Dumping the “Problems” in another Neighborhood is not going to Fix the “Problem”.

Hear No Poor, See No Poor, There must be No Poor! :/

Poverty is a World Wide pandemic, but now its growing in use to be First world Nations. Example: The United States, UK, Germany.

Understand that a Poor person is still a Person that deserves Help & Respect that all walks of life should get. When the Nation begins to forget about The People in the Streets, the system & society will crumble.