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VIDEO: Cop Shoots & Kills Service Dog During Child’s Birthday Party

A 9-year-old Idaho boy did not expect to lose his family pet while he was celebrating his birthday at his family’s home — but that’s just what happened…..

 Now the people are in fear of the Police killing their family pets. This was even a service dog trained to help the Birthday Boy with Parkinson’s.
 Cops no longer know how to control a situation, but they know how to use deadly force. Is that proper use of tax payers money & is that proper police training?

Trigger-happy cops on dog-shooting spree


Many people consider dogs to be part of the family, and citizens in Colorado are tired of police shooting those family members.

It has happened at least a half-dozen times in the past five years, and now lawmakers have had enough.

Two Colorado state senators plan to introduce a bill requiring police departments to adopt policies and procedures for dealing with dogs.

Sens. Lucia Guzman, a Denver Democrat, and David Balmer, a Centennial Republican, say they want officers to distinguish between a barking dog and a dangerous dog.

Balmer says, “Landscaping companies, delivery companies – they deal with dogs all the time, and they don’t shoot dogs.”

The bill would require officers to take a two-hour training course and a one-hour refresher course every year. The legislation would allow pet owners to handle the pet before officers take action. It also includes exceptions for using force, when the dog is dangerous or there is a violent crime.

The bill was sparked by a series of dog shootings by police that caused public outrage.

Commerce City police killed a pit-bull mix named Chloe outside the dog’s home last November. Video showed police tase the dog then shoot it five times while it was on an animal-control noose.

Owner Gary Branson said, “It’s like losing a family member.”…



The exceptions include houses with drugs, so if there is a 70 year old cancer patient with marijuana; The cops can Shoot her dog?

These measures don’t go far enough to protect animal rights.

Its sad enough that these Cops dont care about Life.