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Vintage UFO photos

The US government is still unable to explain around five per cent of UFO sightings in its archives.

Now one team of ‘alien hunters’ has dug up some of the best images to see if the public can shed light on the eerie glows, mysterious orbs and flying objects from the last few decades.

Among them is a remarkable 1957 photo taken by a test pilot near Edwards Air Force Base in California, allegedly showing a UFO following a B-47 jet…..

Can YOU solve these UFO cold cases? Vintage ‘alien’ photos that governments couldn’t explain reveal world’s strangest sightings



Hackers can now access your Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera and spy on you

The Canon EOS ID X with built-in Wi-Fi

Two experts, Daniel Mende and Pascal Turbing, from a German-based IT consulting firm ERNW described how they were able to hack into a Canon camera at SchmooCon 2013, a hacker convention held last month in Washington, DC….


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‘My first bullet, his last breath’: Instagram reveals dark side of Israeli army (PHOTOS)

Disturbing photos that show IDF soldiers enjoying their dominance over Palestinians in the occupied territories have caused a huge public outcry. They also triggered an online search for more such content posted by Israeli troops in social media.

Days after the infamous picture of a Palestinian boy in the crosshairs of a rifle went viral on the web, similar photos made by Israeli troops in the West Bank have been discovered on Instagram by bloggers.

Several Instagram users who appear to have served in the IDF have posted galleries of photos, showing Israeli soldiers posing with weaponry, detaining Palestinians and raiding homes at night, which are accompanied by rousing tags or commentary.

Instagram user ‘ybaruch’ claims to be 21 years old, describing himself as a “retired operations sergeant at the Israeli army, now just a student.”

Among the 144 images he uploaded on his page, there’s a photo showing an Israeli soldier playing a “card game” using Palestinian IDs at one of the military checkpoints……


Why is the West Funding a Regime that commits War Crimes? The People should demand and end to All Aid to Israel.