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Obama Tells Students to Reject Voices Warning of Tyranny Government

It is every Citizens Duty & Right to Question Their Governments Actions & Motives. When the People are told to “Believe” exactly what they are Being Told, that is the time the People should Question & Demand Truth with clear investigations.

If Obama Read anything about the United States Founding Fathers, his claims are complete Opposite of the Values the Country was created on.


French rail firm BAN black and African workers from station for arrival of Israeli President ‘because they might have been mistaken for Muslims’

French President Francois Hollande receives President of Israel Shimon Peres at Elysee Palace. It was on this trip that black and African rail workers were banned for the arrival of Mr Peres at Gare du Nord station in Paris because they might have been mistaken for Muslims

Black and African workers were banned from the President of Israel’s visit to France Alleged discrimination took place to ensure no Muslim rail workers welcomed Shimon Peres…


On a Trip to promote Peace, they sure are Hypocrites.

What blatant display of ignorance & racism.


Cyprus President withdrew Millions of Euros just before Bank Account Freeze

Anastasiades requests investigation into allegations against family members

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, the Banks Robin Hood

A company owned by in-laws of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades withdrew dozens of millions from Laiki Bank on March 12 and 13, according to an article published in Cypriot newspaper Haravgi……


A criminal who allowed his People’s Money to be stolen, all the while his money & company is safe. He belongs behind bars, not behind a microphone.


Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised Documentary

A journalist follows the democratically-elected President of Venezuela as he survives a CIA sponsored coup attempt.

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 1/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 2/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 3/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 4/4

Learn how the Power of the People is Stronger then an Empire.

Chavez will Not be forgotten.


German president: make English the language of EU

Joachim Gauck says Europe needs Britain’s democratic traditions, political courage and sober-mindedness

Germany‘s president has called for English to be made the language of the European Union as he appealed to the UK to stay in the EU.

Joachim Gauck earned applause for his remarks, made in Berlin on Friday in a speech on Europe‘s future at a time of rising German scepticism towards Brussels.

“Dear English, Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and new British citizens, we want to continue having you on board,” he said. “We need your experience as the oldest parliamentary democracy, we need your traditions, your sober-mindedness and your courage.”

He said that to encourage a greater sense of commonality, Europe needed a common language as well as encouraging multilingualism. “I am convinced that, in Europe, both can live side by side,” he said. “The sense of being at home in your mother tongue, with all its poetry, as well as a workable English for all of life’s situations and all age groups.”


Language Standardizations is just another step to One World Government. A Countries Language is part of its Citizens Culture. There is no reason why another language should be forced upon them. Everyone speaking English is just plain Boring, & where else will English get its words from? 😉